Panel Discussion

Breaking India Panel Discussion

1: Is this book politically motivated against Dravidians, Dalits, or minorities?

2: What’s wrong with getting human rights and social services from foreign sources, since India cannot afford it?

4: Are you attacking the Dravidian movement because it advocates social justice?

5: Is there any archaeological or genetic evidence to support the idea of a Dravidian race?

6: What does scientific evidence sy about St. Thomas influencing the Tamil classics?

7: Are you denying the legitimate contribution of St. Thomas to Indian Christianity?

8: Are you advocating the digestion of the Tamil culture into the Vedic Sanscrit culture?

9: Are you implicating certain people as guilty by association?

10: Are Western interventions into Hinduism also a threat?

11: Are you demonizing Bishop Caldwell, who gave Dravidians their identity?