All the support to Rajiv ji’s work boils down to investing “Time” or “Money”.

If you want to support by donating money then go to Infinity Foundation “Donate” page.

If you want to give time, then make sure you require “minimum” supervision. Our past experience has been that volunteers take more “management time” as opposed to the value of their contribution. This is partially due to the sophistication of knowledge work and partially due to lack of professionalism on volunteer’s part.

So Rajiv ji only seeks committed volunteers who understand the basics of “intellectual kurukshetra.” If you want to be a committed volunteer then send an email to Rajiv ji. Before making an offer, please make sure you have clarity on “what can you deliver with commitment?”

New volunteers and people still learning the ropes, please join Rajiv ji’s egroup. Also, help spread awareness of his youtube videos, blogs, books etc.

Volunteer Form